By Alberto del Calvo on

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Totally enjoyed this book! Its been an amazing and relaxing experience to read this book about adventures and about one of my favorite sports. We spend to much time reading books that have to do with our careers, however it's very important to read other good books that help us relax and take us in a different trip. Looking forward for the next one!

Enjoy the trip!


By Carmen Haydee on

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I am a retired social studies and English teacher.

There is a lot of decision making along the story. The characters will set expectations towards triumph and how to achieve their goals using team work, confidence and commitment.

I read the story after my retirement; I would have definitely given it a try as a special project. Allowing my students to create an art project based on their favorite scene or characters. You can assign students to recreate the story setting using cardboard and plaster. Reimagining scenes and characters is a fun way to encourage creativity.

It can serve as a fun wrap up -unit reading assignment- for middle school grades, when studding geography, biology, and language arts. Ninth and tenth graders would also find the contents of the book to be very interesting for them.

By Debra on

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I got this book for a friends son. The only feedback I got was that he liked it so I'm giving it 3 stars.

I received the book at no cost in a Goodreads Giveaway


By Ardiel Jimenez- Faece book friend mail.

Professional bodyboarder, cameraman. From Canary Islands.


Format: Paperback, sponsored book.


The book by Enrique Sampayo affectionately known as Nuni.


First of all, I received it with great affection because it got to my home by physical mail, which is a thing that is more likely not to happen these days. Because of it the romance of receiving things has been lost in the way.

Secondly, what went through my head was… “Let me save this gem for the next time I am sitting on a plane for several hours, to read it without distractions and at ease.” If I remember correctly, it was during my trip to Nicaragua when I had the pleasure of being able to read it and also teletransport myself to those places and visualize those adventures.

These are the adventures we encounter every time we go on a surf trip in search of exotic waves, and the desire to live new thrills. It is an entertaining and easy to read book. I think that even for those people who do not like to read a lot, this title is an easy going read, that’s achievable with ease in one day. And I think that if I was you, I'd do another one with more biographical things about those good old stories in Puerto Rico. I think there are times when reality beats fiction.

I encourage you to stay full hands on task, so you can give us another good story to read on my next trip.

This review comes from the title edition published in Spanish.