Autor-Enrique Sampayo-

Bodyboarding book, action adventure thriller.

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Enrique is a skilled wave rider when using his bodyboard. He holds a B.A. in Physical education, and holds several creative writing certifications. Some of his hobbies include; ridding waves on his bodydboard and surf board. Skateboarding, snorkeling, watching cinema movies, live music and reading.


In 1999 he had the opportunity to live in the exotic island of Oahu in the Pacific Ocean. There he shared experiences with the local Hawaiians and went on to compete and judge at bodyboarding events.


Born in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, Enrique currently lives in central Florida since 2013. Where he has worked as a substitute teacher most of the times in P.E. positions, art, drama, language arts and reading. Matter that helped him during the translation of this book from its original spanish language edition.

He currently works at World Disney World, Typhoon Lagoon waterpark. 


He has also visited and taken workshops at the prestigious Festival de la Palabra in Puerto Rico. And has also visited and taken workshops at the internationally known, Miami International Book Fair. Both visited on more than two occasions.


He enjoys visiting museums and art fairs. At the present time he has visited Jose Campeche’s exhibition several times. The Museum of Modern art, The Metropolitan Museum of art, both in New York City. And several locations at the National Mall in Washington D.C.  Among others.